Dario Scilipoti – Promoting a sustainable supply chain for Coffee growers

We talk (and drink) Coffee with Dario Scilipoti, the founder of the award-winning, BlueBird Coffee Roastery.

Bluebird Coffee Roastery was awarded the coveted Best New Roastery award at the prestigious FNB Coffee Magazine gala event recently.

Dario talks about his journey and explains the technical aspects of roasting coffee.

The Coffee supply chain is very complicated and not very transparent. Dario hopes to change this.

The way that coffee is being traded around the world is really unsustainable. Coffee is often traded at below the cost price. The commodity price of coffee has actually decrease over the last 20 years.

As a roaster, Dario wants to support as supply chain that is sustainable.

Dario explains that the big brands are masters of consistency whereas the specialty brands are masters at offering a flavour experiences.

  • Third wave coffee – connecting the consumer directly with the coffee
  • Gourmet Coffee – marketing term
  • Specialty Coffee – rated at more 80 by Q-raters

People spend a huge amount of time in coffee shops. More and more are regularly meeting in Coffee Shops – “The Café is the new Pub“.

Bluebird Coffee is available at: Hillcrest Kwikspar and at Salt Rock Coffee company

Rob Heyns – Puts cool craft stuff in a box and then ships it!

“On a Craft beer pilgrimage to Hillcrest Tops.”

In this Podcast Rob Heyns founder of League of Beers, Sugar Bird Gin, Steel Cut Spirits and TinyKeg joins us for a beer or two and a chat. Listen here…

John Murray – International Cider Maker

Caught up with John Murray, retired international Cider Maker, at the Ramsgate Conservancy‘s Whale Deck.

Podcasting time with John M Murray. John’s long career in cider making has taken him to 83 countries around the world. John worked for HP Bulmer, once the world largest cider maker, for forty years.

In the 1980’s John opened a cider mill in Elgin and in the late 1990’s he was part of the team that opened the Bulmer SA cider plant in Centurion (situated next to the old Bavaria Bräu brewery). Listen here…

Sean Wakeford – Bierfassl

Sean Wakeford celebrates 20 years at the Bierfassl.

Sean Wakeford one of Holger’s oldest industry friends is a guest in this episode. We take a walk down memory lane, from the days at the Crossways Hotel to Bierfassl were he has just celebrated his 20th year anniversary.

Stubbornly unique, makes it stand out and difficult to copy and difficult to compete. There must be a reason for people to visit your outlet. What makes your outlet unique. Next time you visit the Bierfassl ask for an Eisbein, a Erdinger Weissbier and a Kleiner Keiler or a merry mountain goat.

Sean is always willing to try new ideas and believes in offering his customers something that they can treat themselves with.

Sean reminded me our trip the Wartburger Hof and he tells me that I insisted that he had to Wartburg before he was qualified to open the Bierfasl.

Both Sean and Holger turn 50 years old this year and are now official industry veterans. Listen here…

Alwyn Liebenberg – Lieben Wine and Gin

Lieben Wine & Gin

Our guest Alwyn Liebenberg studied transport economics at University and then worked in the distribution department of SAB Polokwane.

Alwyn has a passion for port and wines. He has made many trips to Portugal and has worked at numerous distillers and wine businesses.

Alwyn believes blending is the key to making great products and believes he learned this valuable lesson from the Portugese. Alwyn takes us on adventure of starting a bootstrapping wine and gin adventure.

Alwyn sees himself as the Uber of winemaking. Alwayn shares with us how he started a a wine and gin business in the new “Uber” economy. He obviously refers to the new Sharing Economy which is the term used for the new economy where you don’t own a farm, a warehouse a distillery.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor Listen here…

Jan-Nico Coetzee – Meander Fine Wines

We caught up with Jan-Nico Coetzee, KwaZulu-Natal’s favourite wine ou, before his move back to the Cape. We talk wine, craft beer and gin with Jan-Nico. Jan-Nico proudly tells us about the progress the local Kzn wine farms are making. Listen here…

Louis Peters – Sales Development Manager Africa and Adventurer

Louis Peters – International Sales Development Manager

From South Sudan to Cambodia, our guest, Louis Peters, loves working with beer sales teams. Louis started his beer career as a SAB sales rep east of Pretoria, but soon was appointed to his dream and was responsible for training sales teams for SAB all over Africa. From Tanzania to war-torn South Sudan, and selling traditional beer in Botswana and Kwa-Zulu Natal, Louis is a hands on sales expert and adventurer who even sold wine in Ethiopia. Another call from the SAB old boys club and Louis was off to South East Asia, to help a 5 million hectolitre-family brewery in Cambodia.

Not only for the Beverage Industry Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Listen here…

Peter Dean – Nottingham Road Brewing Co

Peter Dean, founder of SA’s oldest craft brewery

Peter Dean and his family own the Rawdons Hotel and The Nottingham Road Craft Brewery. They are celebrating the Pig’s 21st birthday this year. Holger & Peter’s paths crossed in 1999 when Peter needed a light lager for the Bierfassl. Listen here..